To enlighten you on the Menu :
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Breakfast : Coffee is included in all our lunches and most of them are served with fruits, potatoes & bread. We have egg suits, Omelets, Eggs Benedictine, thin pancakes, breads gold, etc.
Hamburgers : Choice of Beef, Veal, Lamb, white fish and even vegetables dumpling.
For our poutine : Various sauces are available : the regular brown sauce, pepper sauce or Italian dressing.
Our hot dog : All dressed?
Our clubs : Regular, the veggie, smoked salmon and the club Sephora all must taste!
Our salads : From Niceoise to warm goat cheese salad there is something for everyone!
Desserts : Our desserts are homemade: sugar pie, chocolate cake, carrot cake etc … according to the chef!
Our beers : Bottle or draft
Coffee : Our espresso is excellent! Choose your own!